Request a Test Proctor

The Fort Smith Public Library provides test proctoring upon request.  Exams are taken during library hours, depending on staff availability.  Library staff will determine whether they have the available resources to proctor an exam and may decline if there is not enough staff on hand.  Exams must be completed 30 minutes before the library closes. 

Please schedule your appointment for proctoring at least 7 business days in advance by filling out the form below.  Telephone or email inquiries will be referred to the online Request a Test Proctor form to begin the scheduling process.  The FSPL reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any proctored test due to inclement weather, computer malfunction, building evacuation, or other unexpected circumstances.

The fee for proctoring is $20 per hour for staff time, plus any fax, copying, or postage fees, with a minimum charge of $20.  Please see the fee chart for faxing and copying costs.  It is the responsibility of the test taker to verify that library staff proctoring the exam meets the criteria set by the school/institution and to arrange for delivery of the exam.  Exams may be written on paper or taken online. The test proctor will mail the completed exam back to the examining school/institution, if required. The library cannot provide mailing receipts or arrange for UPS or FedEx pickup. 

The FSPL will not provide personal information of proctors, such as driver’s license number, home phone number, or address.

Test takers are responsible for providing all required materials necessary to take the test including paper, pencils, calculators, and audio equipment, unless otherwise required by the school/institution.  Tests offered in a computer format must be compatible with the hardware and software available on the library workstations.  Tests taken over the Internet will be connected via a public wireless connection. 

Request a Test Proctor

Do you have a FSPL library card?
What format is the exam?
Does your school, instructor or testing service allow a library to be used as a certified proctoring location?
Does your school, instructor or testing service require that the proctor be a master’s-degreed librarian?
Does your school/institution require that you be fully supervised for the duration of the exam?