Meeting Rooms

Community Room

The Fort Smith Public Library has free public meeting rooms available at all four locations.  Use of the rooms is free, although charges may apply for special setups or equipment needs.  Use of the meeting rooms is governed by the library’s meeting room policy.

Please note that meeting rooms may not be used for social events such as parties or showers.  Mandatory registration fees, admission fees or “suggested donations” may not be charged.  The rooms may not be used to sell products or services or to recruit new employees or customers.  Alcohol may not be served.  

Meeting rooms may not be reserved online less than three days before the meeting date.  Online reservations are also limited to one per month.  Additional reservation requests may be granted based on room availability.  Call or email the library to reserve a room less than three days ahead of time or to inquire about making more than one reservation in a calendar month.

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