Librarian and Patron exchange

You can help your Fort Smith Public Library be the best it can be.  Your support helps the library extent its reach and deepen its impact in our community.


Your support in the form of financial gifts and donations helps the library bridge the gaps in its public funding sources and allows the library to provide the highest level of service to everyone who uses the Fort Smith Public Library. 

See the Donate page for information on the options for giving to the library, the Friends of the Library, and the Endowment Trust.


You can also help support the Fort Smith Public Library and all libraries by using your voice to share with your community, legislators, and the media how libraries positively impact your life and the lives of others.  In addition to local funding, a portion of the Fort Smith Public Library’s programs and services are funded through state and federal sources.  These funds help provide high-speed internet, access to databases, and some of our annual summer reading program and prizes.  

For ways to become a library advocate, please visit our Advocate page.

Library Store

Visit the online Library Store to browse our selection of used books for sale. Books on a variety of topics including art, religion, history, local interest, and much more are available, with publication dates ranging from the 1800s to the present.  Proceeds from the Library Store are used to buy library materials and fund library special events and projects.