Study Rooms

Study Room


Study rooms are available at all library locations.  The Dallas Street, Miller, and Windsor Drive branches each have four study rooms that can hold up to four people.  The Main Library has twelve study rooms that can each hold 2-4 people.  Main Library study rooms are located throughout the building:  five in the Reference Department, four in the Large Print area, and three designated for the primary use of children and teens in the Youth Services Department.  To use a study room, sign in at a service desk.

Study Room Policy

The Fort Smith Public Library offers study rooms for individual and small group use.  These quiet rooms are intended for collaborative work, short meetings, study, and research. 

Study rooms may not be used for social gatherings.  In order to provide as much access to the study rooms as possible, the use of study rooms as a place to conduct regular business or as a place to hold office hours is prohibited.

Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved in advance. 

Study rooms are not soundproof. Headphones must be used with electronic devices.  Groups must keep their voices low.

Covered drinks are permitted in study rooms.  Food is not permitted.  Other materials or activities not permitted in study rooms include but are not limited to:  playing musical instruments, singing, audio without headphones, paint, glue, glitter, and confetti.  Nothing may be attached to study room walls, windows, or doors.

Activities within the study rooms must conform to the library’s Guidelines for Library Use.  Study room users must leave the rooms clean and with the furniture in its original arrangement.

Study rooms are intended for active use.  Study rooms left unattended may be reassigned. The library is not responsible for personal items in the study rooms.   

Large study rooms are intended for use by groups of three or more.  Individuals or groups of two may request the use of a larger room with the understanding that they may be asked to move to a smaller room on the same floor if needed by a larger group.

Study rooms on the second floor of the Main Library are intended for adults.  Study rooms in the large print area at the Main Library are intended for adults and solo teens.  Study rooms in the young adult area at the Main Library are intended for teens and children.

Failure to comply with these policies may result in the denial of future requests to use a study room.