Jimena's Recommendations

Jimena's Recommendations

Meet Jimena! 

Jimena is another awesome Page that works in Youth Services! Just like our other pages, Jimena is responsible for assisting library customers and answering questions. 

Jimena is a junior at Northside High School and plays the flute for the Northside Grizzly Band. She has played the flute for five years and says she has no plans to stop anytime soon! After school, she likes to come home and relax with her cat and dog. Although it can be hectic between band, school, and work, Jimena loves working at the library. For her, the library is a place that grounds her when life gets busy. She enjoys the conversations she has with coworkers and library customers alike! To encourage those with a busy schedule to come and experience the calmness of the library, Jimena would like to recommend eight of her favorite books! 

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Life As We Knew It
Not Even Bones
That Weekend
The Beast Player
We Were Liars
Wilder Girls