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Health and Medical Resources on the Internet

Government Health Resources

CDC Health Topics A - Z (
Learn about diseases and health problems from the Centers for Disease Control. They include history, factsheets, links to additional information, prevention, and more.

Clinical Trials (
Learn about current and ongoing clinical trials of drugs, experimental treatments, etcetera.

Healthfinder (
This government clearinghouse links you to current government health news, online publications, databases, and much more.

Medline Plus (
A government database of medical conditions, drugs, and research. Includes health topics, drug information, a medical encyclopedia, a directory of doctors, and more.

National Women's Health Information Center (
A gateway for women's health resources. Includes current women's health news, frequently asked questions about women's health, drug interactions, and much more.

Other Health Information Directories

Health at (
Includes links to breaking health news, fitness and wellness, alternative medicine, diseases and conditions, women's health, and much more. A good starting point.

AMA Physician Select (
This online doctor finder, sponsored by the American Medical Association, has information on almost every physician in the United States. Search by state, city, specialty, or a combination.

Hardin Metadirectory of Internet Health Resources (
A great starting point for people interested in researching a medical specialty or disease, this site is a "list of lists:" it provides links to other lists of Internet links related to the topic you are searching.

HealthWeb (
HealthWeb provides annotated links to Web resources that have been evaluated and selected by librarians and professionals at medical libraries. This is a good starting site for a search.

MedicineNet (
This doctor-run site has the goal of providing the public with up to date medical information. You can find information on diseases and their treatments, medical procedures and tests, drug information, first aid tips and more. Worth a look.

USA HealthCare (
This site provides information about health and fitness, and includes links that can help you locate doctors, dentists, therapists, clinics, support groups and hospitals in your area. You can also get information about the latest health information.

Nutrition / Fitness / Weight loss

CyberDiet (
Lots of helpful nutritional information here, plus interactive modules where you can calculate your body-mass index, and create a personal nutritional profile. The Food Court module can even help you plan meals and learn which foods are best for you.

Weight Loss at (
Find information about current diets, fitness, nutrition, recipe tips, and other weight loss information.

General Health Sites (
This site provides lots of helpful information about children and health. Information is provided for parents, teens and kids and is tailored for the person who is looking at the information. This is a helpful and useful resource.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis (
This popular site includes articles on current developments in medicine, useful information about diseases and conditions, and a glossary of medical terms, as well as information centers for topics such as women's, men's, and children's health; Alzheimer's Disease; and heart disease.

Wellness Interactive Network (
This site provides access to thousands of health resources on the Internet. It includes a drug database, health resources directory, health assessment quizzes, and current health news.

WellnessWeb: The Patient's Network (
This site includes information and links on topics such as alternative medicine, pain management, women's health, current medical research, and nutrition and fitness.

Specific Organization Home Pages

American Cancer Society (

American Diabetes Association (

American Heart Association (

National Organization for Rare Disorders (

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy ( -- Think you're ready to be a teen parent? Take their quiz and see how you do.

Evaluating online health information

Remember the three D's: Date (currency), Documentation (who is the source, has the information been confirmed in more than one study, are there references to supporting research, etc.) and Double-checking (check with your doctor before starting a new drug or therapy!).

You can also visit QuackWatch (, a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health?related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. It's a good place to check if you're curious about a rumor you've heard.

Example domain names: - This is a U.S. Government resource (.gov). - This is a nonprofit organization (.org). - This is a commercial organization or a business (.com).

Gardening Resources on the Internet's Gardening Links -- is a great site that has information about all aspects of gardening. Articles and links to numerous gardening subjects can be found here.

Arkansas Biodiversity Map -- Learn about an exciting project to map the plants of Arkansas sponsored by the Arkansas Native Plant Society under the coordination of Dr. Johnnie L. Gentry of the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville) Herbarium. (See more at the Arkansas Vascular Flora Project website.)

Better Homes and Gardens' -- great site for articles on plants and gardening with a so-so plant finder and entirely too many advertisements. If you can ignore the clutter, there is a wealth of information to be found in their Tools and Guides section. Check out their Garden Zone maps.

Extension Services - U of A --Llinks to lots of Extension Services articles, and how to find the Extension Services agent in your area.

Garden Web -- hosts gardening forums, garden exchanges, articles, a plant database and glossary with links to several catalogs.

HGTV's Gardening page -- short articles from the Home and Garden TV channel's many gardening shows. Pretty decent structure for finding information you want about individual plants and other gardening topics.

National Gardening Association -- take an online gardening class, find gardening products, find a plant's common or Latin name, and lots more.

Organic Gardening -- an online version of Organic Gardening magazine with great links to the archives of articles, lists of recipes, and message boards for communicating with other organic gardeners, etc. Great site for finding organic gardening supplies and swapping information.

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