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Becoming an Intelligent Consumer of Electronic Information

While you're surfing the Internet, please keep in mind that not everything you see there is current and accurate information. You will need to learn how to evaluate the information you find -- don't make the mistake of assuming that if something's been published on the Internet, it's completely accurate and current. The ease of Web publishing has made it fairly simple for anyone to create Web pages, and unfortunately some people try to pass themselves off as legitimate sources of information when they are not.

One way you can protect yourself from people who publish incorrect information on the Internet is to learn how to read Internet addresses. To help you learn the ins and outs of Internet addressing, visit the University of Georgia's Guide to URLs (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator).

Here's a list of common domain names and what they stand for.

Some other domain name structures include addressing by state and by country. For instance, a site in Canada might end in .ca. And the Fort Smith Public Library domain name is, indicating we're a library in the state of Arkansas in the United States.

This Page Last updated: 22 February 2002
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